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All Welcome – Beginners to Virtuosos!.

All you need is your own ukulele!

What and Who

“tHE bUCKY-dON’TS” started life in 2010 when co-founders Sally Vaughan and Jane Mowatt decided they’d like a bit of company when playing their newly acquired ukuleles.
Named in homage to Bucky-Doo Sq in Bridport, it wasn’t long before the group had outgrown the living rooms and conservatories of West Dorset and began meeting in The Hayloft and the Lyric Theatre, Bridport, on a regular basis.

Since November 2015 the group now meet on an ad hoc basis with sessions and events being publicised directly to interested participants via the mailing list (sign up by writing to us at the address below).

The music is an eclectic mix of well known songs with a ukulele twist – rock, pop, folk, country, punk, music hall, classical … you name it, we’ll have a go at it!
The group welcome everyone, regardless of age or ability. Beginners and experts play side by side and everyone can join in the fun.

How to contact us

Email us info@bridportukulelegroup.org.uk