What and Who

“tHE bUCKY-dON’TS” started life in 2010 when co-founders Sally Vaughan and Jane Mowatt decided they’d like a bit of company when playing their newly acquired ukuleles.
Named in homage to Bucky-Doo Sq in Bridport, it wasn’t long before the group had outgrown the living rooms and conservatories of West Dorset and they began meeting on a regular basis.

Over the next 5 years the group met regularly with often more than 40 players gathering to play. We performed at over 80 local events and occasions including Bridport Hat Festival, Bridport Arts centre, The Electric Palace, Charter fayre, Christmas Cheer, Carnival, Community Orchard days, village and school fetes and numerous community groups.

Since November 2015 the group stopped meeting regularly but many players still get together and Bridport has a lively scene of uke groups and activity.

The music was collated in the form of the songbooks which we have left available on the site for anyone to use.


For information on lessons, workshops and other uke related questions please contact us on the email address below.

How to contact us

Email us info@bridportukulelegroup.org.uk